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Tips For Going Live On Social Media

Almost all of the most popular social media sites now offer users the opportunity to stream live video or go live. Live streaming videos, which are now being referred to as authentic content, are the hottest trend in social media this year. Social media experts are predicting that the amount of people creating live streaming videos will skyrocket this year. Live streaming videos can have long reaching effects. Just ask “Chewbacca Mom” whose adorable live video went viral in a huge way and ended up getting her a job in TV. But you want your live streaming videos to go viral for the right reasons, and not because they look terrible. So here a few tips that will help you confidently go live on social media and create great streaming videos:

Check Your Background

Don’t let your live stream video be the equivalent of a bathroom selfie. If possible set up a background in a quiet room that you can use as a filming room. Even a plain white clean and ironed sheet can work for a background. Just don’t take a video in the middle of your dirty house with toys or clutter all over the place behind you. Choose your background carefully so that it doesn’t distract people from what you’re saying.

Check Yourself

You don’t need to dress up or put on a full face of makeup to do a live streaming video but you don’t want to look terrible either. Do a quick camera check and make sure that your clothes are appropriate, your hair is brushed, and you look the way that you would look if you were going out in public. You’re inviting millions of people to look at you so at least make a little bit of an effort to look presentable.

Check Your Internet Connection

Live streaming requires a strong internet connection. Try a short video first to make sure that your signal is strong enough to support a live stream. You might want to reset your wireless router or check to make sure that no other devices are actively using the wifi in the house before you start live streaming to make sure that you have enough power to post the video and stream it from social media.

Tell People What You’re Broadcasting And When

Don’t just expect people to tune in because you’re going live. A day or so before you go live put up a post telling people what you’re going to be talking about in your live video. Also tell them when you’re going to start live streaming. More people will be likely to watch if you tell them why they should watch and when they should watch.

Plan Your Video

Just because you’re going live doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a plan for how the video will go. You don’t need to write out a script or anything formal but you might want to jot down on a piece of paper an outline of the video. Write down what you want to talk about to introduce the video. Then write down what the video is going to be mostly about and what you want to say. And then write down some of the ideas that you want to emphasis before you sign off. That way if you get nervous or start to ramble during the livestream you can refer to your notes and bring the video back on track before it goes totally off the rails. It will make you look a lot more comfortable and poised if you write out a plan for the video before you actually go live.